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Executive Counselling

Professionals and executives often find themselves coping with unique challenges that others in their life may not fully understand. Outwardly they have to demonstrate a competence in coping with whatever comes their way but inwardly may be struggling with workplace injustices, insecurities, or dealing with difficult people. However, sharing such feelings with others in the workplace may not be appropriate or may harm one’s career. On the other hand, repressing these feelings can lead to the accumulation of stress and the toll on physical and mental health that follows. The stress response is a reaction that occurs when a part of our brain perceives that we are threatened. While this response may provide us with the much needed resources to run or fight to our potential, most modern day stresses are ill-suited to the primitive stress reaction that our bodies manifest. As a result, ongoing stressors can severely negatively impact both our physical health as well as our emotional well-being. What this means to business executives, health professionals, and entrepreneurs is that either their work performance or their personal lives suffer.

In order to successfully meet and transcend the stressors often encountered in business and professional roles, individuals need to establish a repertoire of adaptive coping strategies designed to meet and effectively manage their stress. One of my clinical interests is to work with such individuals to identify and resolve the underlying issues contributing to stress at work. Also, at times our personal lives are the source of stress and threaten or undermine our performance at work. Once again, executives and professionals often find themselves with limited sources for support while shouldering the burden of responsibility associated with their work or personal lives. The type of work problems that are commonly seen in my practice include:

  • Coping with pressure
  • Fear of failure
  • Lack of assertiveness skills
  • Difficult employees, colleagues, or associates
  • Issues with confidence
  • Finding work/life balance
  • Performance anxiety
  • Conflict with management or business partners
  • Frustrating politics in the workplace
  • Dealing with difficult “personalities”
  • Struggling with career decisions
  • Rivalry and competition
  • Dealing with injustices in the workplace
  • Sex and attraction in the workplace

Executive counselling provides a safe and confidential place to discuss pressing work problems or difficulties outside of work that are negatively impacting workplace performance. This type of process may be particularly helpful for leaders, business owners, and professionals who find themselves isolated in their organizations. Life for executives can be particularly stressful as they are often responsible for the success of their business or organization and must serve as role models to subordinates and employees. I work with executives, business owners, and professionals to identify effective solutions to stress-related problems including identifying underlying sources of difficulty, identifying and cultivating new coping strategies, and increasing happiness and satisfaction. The focus of the counselling process is to find solutions that work.