Couples often wait too long before seeking help with their difficulties. Understandably, our romantic relationships are private and intimate parts of our lives and it can be difficult to acknowledge that we need help. However, once conflicts or maladaptive patterns develop in a relationship, it can be difficult to turn them around without acquiring new skills. Couples often find that their relationships improve when they increase their skills in the areas of communication, conflict resolution, and/or intimacy building.

Some common difficulties that can lead to decreased relationship satisfaction include communication difficulties, unresolved anger, infidelity and other betrayals, financial conflicts, arguments that do not get resolved, trust/intimacy issues, sexual dysfunction, differences in parenting styles, role conflicts in blended families, and general lack of closeness.

Dr. Patricia Doris and Associates work with couples to:

  • Overcome communication barriers
  • Develop healthy boundaries
  • Restore intimacy
  • Improve ability to resolve conflict
  • Identify mutually agreeable role expectations
  • Recover from infidelity and betrayal
  • Increase feelings of closeness and relationship satisfaction

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